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Month: March 2018

Famous Australian Ideas and Innovations

You're going to be very surprised at some of the great inventions Australians have been respons..

SEO! What’s the G.O.?

SEO - Purpose: SEO ensures that your website is accessible for search engines to index pro..

What Goes On In The Man Cave

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How Do You Choose A Dentist?

Choosing the right dentist for the oral health concerns of you and your family can be daunt..

The “Green Behind The Gold”

Such is the magical world of the Gold Coast's Hinterland. Despite being just 30 minutes from t..

It’s Whale Watching Time

As many as 7,000 of the 15,000 migrating whales actually have a pitstop in the calm waters ..

Where’s the Aussie Spirit Gone?

So let's kick off with the first issue here for 2017, thanks to an ABC "journalist" repeatedly ..

Timber or Composite Decking For Your Home

A lot of people are afraid to go with Composite Decking as they have heard terrible reviews..

Margaret River for Singaporean Expats

I've put together a 5-day itinerary of awesomeness that's not on the spreadsheet! Why Holi..

A Room by Room Guide to Keeping Pests Out of Your Home

Here's our room-by-room guide to keeping bugs at bay. 1 - THE KITCHEN As all homeowners k..