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Company Name: NT Designs
Company Address: Professional Mobile Business Melbourne
Phone Number: 0408 311 252
Website: www.ntdesigns.com.au
Email: info@ntdesigns.com.au


1) Can you tell us a little bit about you as a makeup artist, your services and your company?

My name is Nerida Beardsell, the founder and professional head makeup artist hair stylist of NT Designs a completely mobile business, visiting you on location or in the convenience and privacy of your own home.

I’m a multi award-winning artist, with almost 15 years of extensive industry experience including the following styles:

> Editorial – Fashion Beauty
> High Fashion Catwalk
> Bridal Formal
> Old Hollywood Glamour
> Photographic
> Body Art
> TV / Film / Theatre
> Special FX


2) What prompted you to get into makeup? How did you get started in this industry?

In my teenage years high fashion magazines always inspired me and I loved to experiment with different makeup styles, products and colours.These interests followed me into adulthood. That said, opting for makeup artistry as a professional career seemed an obvious and natural choice. I became a makeup artist in my early 20’s after deciding that I needed a career change to feed my creative urges.

Upon conclusion of industry training and obtaining my professional Advanced Makeup Artistry qualifications I immediately commenced work as a freelance artist. Makeup Artistry was complemented soon after with further qualifications in professional Advanced Hair Styling; covering skills in modern styling and traditional hair up techniques for bridal, fashion and photography; including training in the application of human hair extensions.

With growing respect from peers and other industry professionals, it wasn’t long before I established my own successful business, which is continually expanding. I have a number of professionally qualified and super talented stylists dedicated to providing the excellent customer service that NT Designs is renowned for.


3) When did you realise that this career was more than a dream and could be a reality?

There wasn’t really a defining moment as I’d intended for this to become a career from the very beginning.
However, I realised I was gaining a reputation within the industry when agencies started approaching me to work with them on fashion shoots, editorial stories and TV commercials.
This cemented my belief that there are lots of different facets of makeup artistry and that the career prospects and rewarding opportunities are vast.


4) What is the most exciting thing of working as a makeup artist? What do you love of your every day work?

I’ve always believed that we work to live, not live to work… BUT I count myself as one of the lucky few who actually go to work and get paid for doing something I love, that’s pretty exciting.

In terms of high fashion and conceptual styles, makeup artistry really is an art form, which enables me to be as creative as my imagination allows, it’s highly rewarding seeing my work featured within the media.

There’s something extremely satisfying about seeingsomeone’s eyes light up when they feel like you’ve transformed them from ordinary to extraordinary.


5) Where do you find your inspiration and stay current?

Mainstream and high-end boutique fashion and beauty magazines often showcase the latest trends from all over the world; including eclectic catwalk fashions, European and New York fashions are especially inspirational. I also have a great collection of art books showcasing makeup portfolios of some famous and amazingly talented International makeup artists. Surfing the net also offers great insight.


6) How do you see the makeup artist industry in Australia evolving?

Australia has become internationally recognized for producing some of the world’s best actors and actresses in the world. Whilst makeup artists work behind the scenes and are often unknown to the general public, Australia has also produced some incredibly talented makeup artists within the fashion, music, film and television industry – Rae Morris is just one example. The result a growing number of artists entering the industry and being rewarded with international success, travel being one of the job perks!
The number of professional makeup artistry schools and various course levels available today has increased dramatically over the past decade due to supply and demand. I think we can expect to see this climb continue.


7) What is one of the biggest misconceptions about makeup artists?

Many people think there is little to no skill involved.

This couldn’t be further from the truth as makeup artistry includes both theory and application.

Theoretical knowledge; including (but not limited to) colour theory, understanding various eye and face shapes and proportions, camouflage corrective and contouring techniques; is absolutely essential and can make all the difference towards creating the flawless results that your client employs you for.

Furthermore, makeup artistry is far more demanding than most would realise early starts and long hours for starters.


8.) What does it take to be successful as a makeup artist?

Never stop learning your craft! Staying on top of current trends, new products and application techniques is imperative to ensuring (continued) success within the makeup industry.

Furthermore, whilst your clients will expect you to offer your professional advice and suggestions when required, remember to always listen to your client’s wants and needs.

Being a people person and practicing excellent customer service at all times is the key to success in this industry. Sometimes you may meet some difficult and interesting characters along the way so you will need to adapt accordingly. That said, majority of the time I’m privileged to work with some amazing and wonderful people.


9) What is a normal day as a makeup artist?

An early start involves setting up and organising your makeup station to ensure maximum efficiency, followed by a thorough client consultation to ensure my client’s expectations are met. When required, being available for numerous makeup style changes and any necessary makeup touch ups throughout the day.

Be prepared for long days with few breaks!


10) Makeup artists are well known for loving certain makeup products, what are your most favorite products that you’re never found without?

I love Atelier Makeup’s high definition waterproof foundation; it offers a longlasting and silky smooth coverage yet does not look too heavy or caked on. This foundation requires very little finishing powder,sopowder application can be limited to the t-zone.

However, I have several favourites.

Tonarrow it down let’s pretend I’m going on holiday and I want to pack lightly and fuss free.

Daytime – tinted SPF moisturiser, cream blush, SPF lip balm under myfavourite tinted lip-gloss, and black mascara.

If I must – a hint of bronzing powder for that subtle ‘sun-kissed’ look.

Extras for the evening–foundation (instead of tinted SPF moisturiser), concealer applied sparingly, neutral lip liner and lipstick (if slightly bolder/glam evening finish is preferred), two eyeshadows (one highlighter for the brow bone/ inner eye and one colour for the eye lid/crease), eyeliner, eyebrow pencil for definition.

I always carry my makeup brushes, as well as Lucas’ Papaw Ointment. I just can’t live without them.

A bronzer is a great multi-purpose product, which apart from its obvious uses, can also be used overall to contour/shade, and as a great alternative to eyeshadow.It’s worth spending a little extra to buy a quality ‘non-orange’ bronzing powder.

Whilst translucent setting powder comes in handy, if you own a quality waterproof foundation (such as Atelier Makeup) you can leave the setting powder at home when you’re on holidays.


11) What is your favorite makeup tip that can be used by all women?

A few tips…

Makeup should be fun, glamorous, classic, fashionable, or whatever it is you prefer it to be. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different makeup styles, have a couple of favourites but pick a style to best express your mood.

Don’t think of makeup as a way of covering everything up, but rather as a way of enhancing / playing up your best featureswhilst camouflaging your less favourable ones.

Prep your skin (cleanse and exfoliate) to eliminate uneven and dry skin, doing so will ensure your skin is smooth and a clean canvas ready for makeup application.

Professional makeup brushes and sponges will help you to achieve the best application. Be sure to BLEND BLEND BLEND!

Never be afraid to seek advice from a knowledgeable professional. In general, Mecca Cosmetica have helpful staff and an excellent variety of product and brand choice.


12) Now time to brag! Please tell us what makes you a Top Makeup Artist time for self-promotion.

I’ve been professionally and extensively trained within high industry standards. The results: multiple industry awards and highly consistent levels of outstanding, excellent customer satisfaction.

During my profession I’ve established a successful career and business, spanning almostfifteen years (and still going strong), enabling many and a variety of rewarding and exciting opportunities.

With years of industry experience, my love for makeup artistry and hair styling has inspired me to continue developing the craft – regularly updating my skills to keep on top of current trends and techniques.

I’ve been very fortunate and privileged to learn from world class and International makeup artists and hair stylists; I believe that learning from the best has contributed to shaping my own success.

My passion for creating beautiful, picture perfect makeovers ensures that… you will love the transformation.

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